A book by 19th-century Baptist preacher C.H. Spurgeon is among those considered “extremist” by the government of Luhansk People’s Republic, Ukraine.

Billy Graham, Spurgeon books banned in Luhansk, called ‘propaganda’ by authorities

DOVZHANSK, Ukraine Two books by prominent Protestant preachers were added in July to a list of extremist materials in Luhansk People’s Republic (a territory in Ukraine) and now are banned.

Quoting a Forum 18 report, Barnabas Fund said a Luhansk court ruled earlier this year that “Born to Die,” by Billy Graham, and “The Door Is Open,” by 19th-century English preacher C.H. Spurgeon, are “extremist.” The two bring the total of Christian works on the extremist list to 18; they were confiscated from the Council of Baptist Churches in Dovzhansk, the report stated.

Arguing that the books are “propaganda of exceptionalism, superiority and inadequacy of the individual … ,” the Luhansk General Prosecutor’s Office said banning them is necessary to protect the younger generation and promote safety in the republic, Barnabas Fund reported. The office claims the books “incite religious discord.”

Luhansk People’s Republic declared itself independent of Ukraine in 2014, but is not internationally recognized as sovereign. They consider themselves Russian, not Ukrainian, the report noted.

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