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I am a "comedic singer" or a "singing comedian," whichever you prefer. My 60 to 90 minute routine consists of performing parodies of my own composition, along with jokes, and short stories. Being a Christian, I do it all without any vulgarity or insults. My jokes and short stories, are based on actual events, involving real people. I simply change the names so my friends and family will not get mad at me. I must be doing something right, I took a comedy class taught by Jeff Foxworthy. He was impressed with my ability to compose parodies. For more details, and to view samples of my work, please see the links below. MEET RON GREENE I BOUGHT A CLUNKER (my latest hit) THE DIRTIEST JOKE THAT I TELL VICTORIA! THE NAKED PHOTOGRAPHER I’VE GOT TO PEE RUB ME DOWN WITH BENGAY

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