Lance reaches out to Alabama Baptists regarding situation with SBC Executive Committee

Rick Lance, executive director of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, released a letter to Alabama Baptists this morning (Oct. 1) in response to discussions taking place regarding the SBC Executive Committee’s impasse about how to work with the Sexual Abuse Task Force.

His letter reads in full:

Dear Alabama Baptists,

To say these are chaotic times would be an understatement. We have the highest level of frustration I have ever witnessed in the life of the SBC.

We at the State Board of Missions have fielded calls, answered emails and responded to text messages. We want to assure Alabama Baptists that we have always abided by the wishes of state convention messengers.

I trust and believe that by the end of the next SBC Executive Committee meeting on Tuesday, October 5, the wishes of the SBC messengers will have been honored.

Please continue to pray for the SBC EC and the Sexual Abuse Task Force. We should earnestly and fervently pray for those who are the survivors of sexual abuse because they are the focus of our concern.

In the meantime, I would plead for all who share opinions on social media to do so with kindness, love and conviction. In my opinion, Alabama Baptists have already been exceptional in doing so. I am proud of our state convention family for many reasons, and this is just one.


Rick Lance

Colossians 1:18

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