2020 Alabama Baptist Conference of the Deaf held in Birmingham

2020 Alabama Baptist Conference of the Deaf held in Birmingham

Deaf Christians from around Alabama met March 6–8 in Birmingham for the 2020 Alabama Baptist Conference of the Deaf (ABCD).

The weekend event, hosted by the Birmingham Community Deaf Church, welcomed Deaf believers of all ages, races and degrees of hearing, and included everything from a traditional business meeting to worship services to fun and fellowship.

Cameron House, a Deaf church planter, pastor and missionary who recently helped start a Deaf church at Gallaudet University, was the speaker for the event. Frank Griffin, assistant professor of American Sign Language at University of North Carolina at Greensboro, led many of the teen activities, including Bible study.

ABCD officers for 2020–2021 were elected: Jeff Farmer, president; and Mark Moore, vice president. Paul Pitts, treasurer; Jin Mayer, secretary; and Priscilla McNealy, assistant secretary, were elected to remain in current positions.

‘Encourage to come’

Topics discussed at the annual meeting included avoiding burnout through a “spiritual welfare check” and focusing on God rather than other modern-day “idols,” including family, work and electronics.

Conference participants enjoyed Sunday School led by Griffin and worship, where House spoke, on March 8 at Birmingham Community Deaf Church.

The 2021 ABCD will be held March 5–7, 2021, at Dauphin Way Baptist Church, Mobile.

“If there are deaf people or interpreters in your church, please encourage them to come,” said Linnea Elliott, 2018–2020 ABCD president. “It’s just like sending deacons to deacons’ retreats or teens to youth conferences. The deaf people are important too, and they need to spend time with other Deaf/Hard of Hearing Christians once or twice a year.”

Information about next year’s conference will be updated on ABCD’s Facebook page and albcdeaf.org.

Southern Baptist resources on how to help deaf churches can be found at DeafChurchPlanting.com, DeafGONow.com, DeafGOBible.com, SBCDeaf.org or contact arandolph@brentwoodbaptist.com.

A gallery of photos from the event is available at tabonline.org/ABCD.