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‘A beautiful picture of Revelation 5’: North Shelby Vietnamese Baptist Church finds permanent home

North Shelby Baptist Church in Birmingham hosted members of North Shelby Vietnamese Baptist Church Nov. 14, as the latter celebrated ownership of a new building and property.

Minh Nguyễn, a member of the Vietnamese congregation, noted that the church began with refugees from Vietnam who came together to worship. The church moved from facility to facility for 40 years before finding a permanent home.

“At one point, [North Shelby Baptist Church] was in the same position as NSVBC,” said Michael Meadows, senior pastor of the Anglo congregation. He explained that the church rented their old building to NSVBC for five years with a plan to sell the property to the Vietnamese church.

“It is our job as brothers and sisters in Christ to encourage one another,” Ric Camp, associational mission strategist for Shelby Baptist Association, told the gathered congregations. “It is our role as an association to equip one another. Churches that are doing well need to come alongside those that need help.”

Musicians from both congregations led worship in their own language.

‘Faithful’ to reach out

“This celebration and partnership is a beautiful picture of Revelation 5,” Camp said. “May we be faithful to reach out to all people.

“Heaven will be a celebration with all nations and tongues worshipping our Lord.”

Rick Lance, executive director of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, joined in the celebration via video, encouraging both churches in their ministry.

“A visionary idea of the Kingdom of God is that here, there and everywhere we ought to be reaching people — but we have people from everywhere coming here,” Lance said.

“North Shelby Baptist Church, this is a great demonstration of stewardship.”

The service closed with Jeremiah Doan, pastor of NSVBC, preaching in his own language, with a translator. He related the church’s story to the Israelites who wandered through the wilderness.

“After wandering from church to church to find a place to worship the Lord, this is the first time we have acquired [property],” Doan said. “As Thanksgiving approaches, we give thanks to the Lord for the blessings of baptisms and financial stability.

God’s generosity

“We will praise God for the generosity your church has given to us,” Doan told members of NSVBC.

“The same God who provided this building to [North Shelby] years ago is the same God who is providing this building to NSVBC,” Meadows declared prior to giving Doan a plaque commemorating the day “as a partnership in the gospel and glorifying God’s Kingdom.”

The Vietnamese church presented North Shelby Baptist Church with a gift, in thanks for helping provide a church home.

The joint worship service was followed by a meal of Vietnamese favorites, and a celebration of the furthering of God’s kingdom.

To watch the celebration go to North Shelby Baptist Church’s Facebook page.

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