Alabama-based band sees God’s hand, provision through music

Alabama-based band sees God’s hand, provision through music

By Anna Keller
Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist

Andrew Alford has had a lifelong interest in music and had several attempts at a band under his belt when he was asked to lead worship for a chapel service for Legacy Christian University at Whitesburg Baptist Church, Hunstville, (Alford’s alma mater) a couple of years ago. He told the dean he’d retired from his musical career.

“However, he told me it was too late to back out,” Alford recalled. “I had one month to get prepared and had a slight problem: I didn’t have a band.”

So Alford reached out to Hunter Johnson, whom he’d met just a few weeks earlier but he knew they shared an interest in music. He then contacted former classmates Britt Meeks and Ben Hipps to see if they could help out.

“We only intended to play one gig. However, God had other plans for us as a band,” Alford said. “Through the worship service at Legacy, God revealed to me that He still had a plan for me in music and as an artist.”

And with that The Andrew Alford Band was born.

These days, the band is made up of five members: Alford, who plays acoustic guitar and sings lead vocals; Troy Campbell on drums; Ben Hipps on keyboard and vocals; Hunter Johnson on electric guitar and vocals; and Chris Short on bass. The band describes its genre and sound as “an Indie/Alternative Christian rock band that seamlessly fuses a classic alternative pop-rock edge with an uplifting, inspirational message. We draw heavy influence from the 80s with heavy percussion, vocal harmony and U2-esque guitar.”

Keyboardist Hipps says his favorite part about being in the band is the opportunity it gives him to share the gospel and what’s on their hearts with the people they’re performing for. The best feedback he’s heard from audience members is that they were touched by the message the band shared.

Christian brotherhood

For Johnson being part of the Christian brotherhood that the band provides is one of the best components.

“We’ve become like family over the years, and it’s always a great feeling knowing you have friends like these guys,” said Johnson. “I hope that our focus stays on what God wants us to do and accomplish, and that no matter what we stay true to who we are and what we represent.”

The band has played at more than 100 churches and events including Morgan County’s Disciple Now event at Decatur Baptist Church this past spring. They primarily play in the Tennessee Valley but are open to booking gigs anywhere. The band is currently working on their first full-length album together.