Alabama Legislature updates

Alabama Legislature updates

Bills TAB is following this session include:


Legislators have put the following four bills on hold until Gov. Robert Bentley’s Advisory Council on Gaming releases its report presenting various gambling plans for Alabama. The report is expected sometime in April.

  • HB 6 (sponsored by Rep. Alan Harper, R-District 61)  — Constitutional amendment authorizing Legislature to provide lottery by general law.
  • HB 10 (sponsored by Rep. Craig Ford, D-District 28) — Constitutional amendment directing portion of lottery revenues for college scholarships. Related to and dependent on HB 11.
  • HB 11 (sponsored by Rep. Craig Ford, D-District 28) — Constitutional amendment establishing lottery and regulatory commission. Allows gambling at racetracks “where pari-mutuel wagering is currently legal.” Allows governor to negotiate a compact with Poarch Band of Creek Indians. Creates Lottery Trust Fund.
  • HB 16 (sponsored by Rep. Barbara Boyd, D-District 32) — Constitutional amendment allowing a tribal compact for gambling.


  • SB 28 (sponsored by Sen. Tom Whatley, R-District 27) — Fantasy Sports Contests Act; authorizes the creation and operation of fantasy sports contests through licensing to be administered by the secretary of state. Also creates Fantasy Sports Fund.

According to Joe Godfrey, executive director of Alabama Citizens Action Program, “Rumor has it that this bill is not the one that the daily fantasy sports companies want. So two new bills have been introduced in both the Senate and the House” (see below).

  • SB 270 (sponsored by Sen. Paul Sanford, R-District 7) — Fantasy Contests Act; requires registration of fantasy sports operators and promises consumer protection procedures. Exempts fantasy sports from prohibition against gambling. Partner bill is HB 354.
  • HB 354 (Rep. Alan Boothe, R-District 89) — Same as SB 270. (Passed out of committee March 15, waiting consideration by the full House.)

Church security

  • HB 36 (sponsored by Rep. Lynn Greer, R-District 2) — Alabama Church Protection Act; establishes church security program and authorizes designated members to carry firearms. (Passed out of committee with one amendment March 9, waiting consideration by the full House.)


  • HB 100 (sponsored by Rep. Phil Williams, R-District 6) — Americans First Act; requires colleges and universities to comply with immigration laws or face fines. (Passed by the House on Feb. 14, waiting consideration by the Senate.)


  • SB 59 (sponsored by Sen. Cam Ward, R-District 14) — Alabama Prison Transformation Initiative Act; authorizes the funding and construction of new prison facilities as well as the demolition of existing men’s prison facilities (Passed out of the Senate, waiting consideration by the House.)

Public restrooms

  • SB 1 (sponsored by Sen. Phil Williams, R-District 10) — Alabama Privacy Act; states that public restrooms be gender appropriate.


  • HB 98 (sponsored by Rep. Matt Fridy, R-District 73) — Constitutional amendment that affirms Alabama’s commitment to the right to life of unborn children. (Passed out of the House, waiting consideration by the Senate.)


  • HB 24 (sponsored by Rep. Rich Wingo, R-District 62) — Alabama Child Placement Agency Inclusion Act; protects faith-based adoption and foster care agencies from placing children into homes that go against agencies’ religious beliefs. (Passed out of the House, waiting consideration by the Senate.)

Doctor-assisted suicide

  • HB 96 (sponsored by Rep. Mack Butler, R-District 30) — Assisted Suicide Ban Act; prohibits anyone from providing aid in dying and enacts penalties under certain conditions. (Passed out of the House, waiting consideration by the Senate.)

Civil rights

  • HB 74 (sponsored by Rep. Chris England, D-District 70) — States the right of a person to be free from discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or familial status.


  • HB 269 (sponsored by Rep. Patricia Todd, D-District 54) — Lower penalties for marijuana possession.
  • HB 164 (sponsored by Rep. Thomas Jackson, D-District 68) — Allow for Sunday sales of alcohol in Thomaston. (Passed out of the House and Senate, awaiting Gov. Bentley’s signature.)