Amy Whitfield

Amy Whitfield named EC’s associate communications VP

Amy Whitfield has been named as associate vice president for convention communications of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee.

“I am so pleased to have Amy Whitfield joining our team at the SBC Executive Committee,” said Ronnie Floyd, EC president and CEO.

“She brings with her a wealth of knowledge, experience and integrity as well as a new perspective which will serve all Southern Baptists well. She is highly respected among those who know her,” Floyd said.

Whitfield said she takes seriously the importance of “integrity and clear messaging,” and her “prayer is to serve that purpose well.

“Wherever I have served I have always considered how each entity fits into our greater cooperative relationship. The role of the Executive Committee staff in our Southern Baptist family is a vital trust, particularly as we tell the big picture story of the convention while supporting the work of its entities and ministries,” she said.

Whitfield, who will begin her work with the Executive Committee on Oct. 16, has served as director of marketing and communications at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina, since 2014. She also is the co-host of the “SBC This Week” podcast, which she and Jonathan Howe, now the EC’s vice president for communications, began in 2015.

Whitfield is the coauthor of the 2018 book “SBC FAQs: A Ready Reference” with Keith Harper, senior professor of Baptist studies at Southeastern, and has been an assistant parliamentarian at the SBC’s annual meetings since 2016.

Whitfield will be editor of SBC LIFE (, the journal of the Southern Baptist Convention; lead in utilizing media technologies to advance the messaging, mission, vision and ministries of the SBC and the EC; and promote participation in the SBC annual meeting and other events.

As the EC’s women’s liaison, Whitfield will have a lead role in developing strategies for recruiting, utilizing and developing women at multiple levels of Southern Baptist life and advising the EC leadership on issues related to the encouragement and involvement of women in the SBC.

“The addition of Amy Whitfield to the Executive Committee staff marks an important moment for Southern Baptists. Amy brings a broad range of denominational experience and a strong leadership skill set. Her leadership regarding the SBC communication footprint will be invaluable,” said Kathy Litton, director of spouse development for the North American Mission Board and SBC registration secretary.

“Her hire sends a strong signal that women’s contributions are not just welcomed but are indispensable in our mission of the Gospel,” Litton said. “This step encourages women that they are respected, valued and can increasingly be included in roles, responsibilities and leadership in our denomination. Amy’s presence and role will be huge platform to help connect and develop female leaders across our denomination.”

Whitfield will be based in Wake Forest, where her husband Keith is Southeastern Seminary’s acting provost, vice president for academic administration, dean of graduate studies and associate professor of theology.

A native of Nashville, Tenn., she holds a master of arts degree in Christian studies from Southeastern and an undergraduate degree from Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. (BP)