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Book Review: Coffee and Cookies with God, Volume 2

Coffee and Cookies with God, Volume 2
Authored by Members of Word Weavers North Alabama
Keryso Press, 2021

Six experienced authors — Becky Alexander, June Foster, Bonita Y. McCoy, Suzanne D. Nichols, Ginger Solomon and Lisa Worthey Smith — have combined their writing talents to offer readers short, well-crafted stories that bring the meaning of Christmas back from the busyness of December. These 31 devotions for each day of the month are structured for consistency and efficiency. Their length won’t overwhelm women on the go but will provide a daily guide for spending prayerful moments reflecting on the reason for the season.

The pieces recall sweet memories ranging from Christmas celebrations in early days of marriage to tender moments brought back by handmade decorations several decades old. They offer more recent reflections as well, including a December 2020 recollection: “Without all the usual holiday activities, I was able to draw near to the One who really matters, the One whose birth is the reason we celebrate.” Readers will receive practical tips on dealing with the stresses of holiday gatherings even as the writers apply ancient biblical stories to life today.

The devotions begin with verses of Scripture, move into a tightly written story of application, offer prayer at the end and provide a place of reflection for the reader’s own thoughts. For an added treat, most of the pieces also point to a cookie recipe that is part of the 18 recipes the authors included at the end.

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