British aid worker shot dead in Nigeria

ENEKOROGHA, Nigeria — British charity worker Ian Squire was killed moments after singing “Amazing Grace” to his fellow captives, sources say.

Squire was an optician training local people to carry out sight tests and dispense eyeglasses using a solar-powered portable lens-grinding machine he had developed. He was one of four missionary medics serving in Nigeria with New Foundations, a medical charity started in 2003 by David and Shirley Donovan. The Donovans along with Squire and Alanna Carson were held for ransom after being abducted in Nigeria’s southern Delta State on Oct 13.

The Donovans told The Daily Telegraph that the kidnappers returned a guitar to them and Squire played “Amazing Grace,” which lifted their spirits, but he was then killed instantly.

The captives were were freed after a month. The kidnappers told them a ransom had been paid. Nigeria has one of the world’s highest kidnap rates. (TAB)