Christian convert in Uganda needs prayers

KATAKA, Uganda — In a village in eastern Uganda, Munabi Abudallah lost his wife and seven children a day after putting his faith in Christ.

“The Muslims are searching to kill me,” the 37-year-old Abudallah said. “My family members have deserted me. I am spending sleepless nights.”

About two months ago he asked an Islamic teacher, or sheikh, why Arabic was used during Friday prayers at the mosque in Kataka II village. He did not understand Arabic, he told the sheikh, who responded that he should not question “the language in which Allah communicated his message to prophet Muhammad,” Abudallah said. Troubled by this reply, he began asking Christians how their God communicated to them.

“The church pastor said that God is the God of all people who communicates to people in various languages,” Abudallah said. “After several private sessions with the pastor regarding the God of Christianity, it was on Jan. 20 at 4 p.m. when I was convicted that the God of Christianity is a God of love and then decided to put my faith in God’s son, Jesus, for which I received a unique peace that I had not experienced before.”

When he told his wife about his decision, she called him an infidel and kicked him out. The next day his father and others from the mosque came and attacked him.

Abudallah said, “I need prayers.”