Christian students knifed, beaten in clash

NAIROBI, Kenya — Muslim students at a high school in Nairobi beat and stabbed Christians on Jan. 23 who refused to recite the Islamic creed for conversion, a local source said.

Tensions grew over the course of several weeks at Jamhuri High School in northern Nairobi, with Muslims primarily of Somali, Boran and Oromo descent complaining of discrimination. The hostilities had grown so much that the boarding school designated separate bathrooms and separate sections in the library for Christians and Muslims.

At least 35 of the school’s 1,500 students were injured, including some Muslims, when the Christian students tried to defend themselves from being forced to recite the creed or participate in Muslim cleansing rituals, the source said. Some Christian students received hospital treatment for stab wounds and dislocated bones in their hands and joints.

The school has been closed indefinitely while police investigate. (MS)