Colbert-Lauderdale camp honors legacy gift with new pavilion

Earle Trent Assembly (ETA) leaders welcomed a new addition to its grounds on Sunday, April 29.

The new Marcia L. Wagoner Pavilion will host outdoor worship, recreational activities and shelter from inclement weather as part of ETA’s camp site.

The pavilion’s name honors Marcia Wagoner, a longtime member of First Baptist Church, Sheffield, who left her estate to ETA.

Physical education

Wagoner studied physical education in college, making her namesake at the association’s campsite well-suited.

The pavilion is equipped with electricity, basketball goals and volleyball net inserts, along with storage for chairs and other equipment for worship services.

Eddy Garner, director of missions for Colbert-Lauderdale Baptist Association, said the ceremony honoring Wagoner and revealing the pavilion was a huge success.

Camp Director Pat Gallagher’s efforts toward the ceremony and ETA overall are to be commended, Garner said.

Former Colbert-Lauderdale Association Director of Missions Jim Warren shared the history of ETA at the event.

Camp friend Jimmy Holland shared the impact the camp had on his life as a young Royal Ambassador and how the new pavilion would influence lives of local community members in the same way.

Caretakers of Wagoner gave a history of her life, followed by a responsive reading and a prayer of dedication over the pavilion.

Garner said he is excited for what’s to come through the camp’s newest structure. (TAB)