Community Life food bank helps families fill in the grocery gap

In Randolph County approximately 40% of residents are either under 18 or over 65 and 24% live below the poverty level.

That’s why Frances Davis said the food bank ministry at Community Life Church, Roanoke, in Randolph Baptist Association, is dear to her heart.

“We have children in schools that go home hungry because the only meal they get is from the school. We have the elderly going without food to buy medicines,” she said.

Every third Saturday of the month the people of Randolph County can visit the food bank and receive 22 pounds of food to help them “get over the hump” at the end of the month, said Davis, who runs the ministry.

Volunteers from the church operate the food bank, which serves anywhere from 120 to 160 families per month. The ministry purchases food from Food Bank of East Alabama for about 18 cents a pound and receives donated goods from Walmart and Kroger.

“It is a true blessing,” Davis said. (Grace Thornton)