Cuban journalist threatened over religious freedom reporting

Cuban journalist threatened over religious freedom reporting

HAVANA — Officials with Cuba’s Department of State Security have repeatedly threatened a Christian author and journalist who reports on human rights and religious freedom issues in Cuba.

Yoe Suárez has covered a couple imprisoned in 2019 for homeschooling their children, detention of Apostolic movement leaders, church protests of Cuba’s 2019 constitution and labor camps the government ran from 1965 to 1968.

Suárez’s work has appeared in non-state media outlets, as well as Newsweek.

On Feb. 5 and April 3, Suárez and his mother were summoned to Havana police stations; Suárez was summoned alone on March 27.

His mother was told her son could be arrested or have his toddler son taken away unless Suárez stops writing articles outside control of the communist regime.

Suárez reportedly was threatened with Cuba’s mercenarism law (punishable with 10–20 years imprisonment or death) and told he would be framed and discredited unless he becomes an informant for the Department of State Security. (Morning Star News)