Fellowship of Christian Athletes to hold reunion Oct. 13-15

Fellowship of Christian Athletes to hold reunion Oct. 13-15

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes will hold a reunion at Black Mountain, North Carolina, Oct. 13-15, 2020.

The announcement from FCA reads in part:

“For thousands of athletes, coaches and their families, weeks spent at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes Conference at Black Mountain, North Carolina, were some of the most memorable, important and happy times of their lives.

“How would you like to sit in a rocking chair on the porch of Eureka Hall (formerly Robert E. Lee Hall), once again and recall golden memories at an FCA Conference or Camp where you established friendships and relationships that have lasted a lifetime? FCA has held conferences and camps at this site every year since 1964 and is historic in the annals of FCA.

“Join us for an FCA Reunion there four months from now. It will take you back to your younger days and you will sing songs and hear stories that you haven’t heard in decades. Many of the pioneers in FCA will be attending. Music will be led by Ray Hildebrand, an FCA legend and the ‘original’ standup song leader with a guitar.”

To register, call 828-669-8422 or click this link for the Blue Ridge YMCA Assembly: https://blueridgeassembly.org/blueridgeassembly.org/FCA-Reunion-2020.