Fireworks mark milestone moments, signal something new

Fireworks mark milestone moments, signal something new

By Jennifer Davis Rash
President and Editor-in-Chief

Celebrating those special moments happening with The Alabama Baptist (TAB) staff during the past 23 years has always meant a lot to me.

Along with cheering each other on as individuals, our staff rallies together in the major team milestones as well.

I remember assisting as we launched our first website in the early 2000s and debuted TAB on social media platforms a few years later.

We’ve worked through redesigns of the print edition, showcased a digital version of the paper in flipbook style and added an augmented reality element.

There have been high-fives and cheers around new systems, processes and computer setups that increased productivity and efficiency for the team.

Recently the staff produced the first-ever book telling the story of TAB and its rich history. And a new podcast and radio show now airs weekly.

Each time our team develops something new and exciting at TAB I imagine fireworks going off over our office building in Homewood when the product is launched. Sometimes I even say to “watch for the fireworks.”

I may be at the office by myself figuring out the final details or working alongside several team members to make it happen. Either way the big moment deserves confetti, balloons — and fireworks.

On New Year’s Eve, less than a month ago, my husband, Jason, and I worked at the office for a few hours and happened to still be there when the clock struck midnight.

Along with our “Happy New Year” cheers Jason reminded me of the significance of this particular new year. 

In that moment the reality and the responsibility of assuming the editorship of TAB washed over me. And then — fireworks.

After all these years I finally experienced real fireworks at the TAB office building going off at the exact moment we launched a new element — or in this case a new editor.

Granted, the fireworks weren’t actually for me, but God used them to remind me that He has me where He wants me at this particular time. 

We marked another major milestone in the life of TAB at 12 a.m. on Jan. 1, and I get to be part of what lies ahead. 

What a privilege and honor to work with an incredible team of believers who are pouring so much of themselves into producing and distributing important content week after week.

As we settle into this new year and evaluate each part of what’s being done, explore new options and simplify all aspects, we hope you will help us tell the TAB story.

 We are learning there are possibly more Alabama Baptists who are not familiar with TAB than those who are. 

Would the information provided by TAB be helpful to them? What’s the best way to introduce others to TAB?

How can we make sure all Alabama Baptists have access to the resources provided through the pages of the paper and various online platforms?