First person: Planning my daughter’s wedding

Haley (left) & Lyndsee Piersol
Photo courtesy of Haley Piersol

First person: Planning my daughter’s wedding

By Haley Piersol
TAB Media

I wasn’t prepared for how hard it is to plan a wedding in five months. It seems like a long time, but it isn’t in the wedding world.

I have had to stop and remember that God is in control, and it will all work out. I know Lyndsee and Jonny (her fiancé) are His children, and He will take care of it all.

I have prayed more about the future for them than the wedding itself. I want them to be happy, healthy and loyal followers of Jesus Christ. I have learned to lean on Him more and know that it’s not about me or them — it’s about Him and His glory.

I have made sure that we point people to Him in the ceremony and planning. If we can point just one nonbeliever at this wedding to Him, that is huge — and that is my ultimate goal.

Emotional roller coaster

Emotionally it is tough. She is my only daughter, and a few things go through my mind. Number one, is that my baby isn’t a baby anymore, and second, this is for real. She is making a new life for herself.

I am very happy and have had fun doing things like dress shopping and picking things out.

She has helped me a lot by including me in every decision and totally making me feel as if my opinions matter. I know it’s silly, but that has done more for my momma heart than anything!

There is so much to do that we sometimes get caught up in that and forget to just enjoy the moments and memories we are making.

Emotionally, it is all a roller coaster from stress to happiness to worry about how it will all happen and get paid for. But as usual, God takes care of all of the details and makes it all work the way it’s meant to in His timing.

Wedding planning is fun, but it can also be stressful. There are so many things to consider. We had to find gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen and the officiant. We had to get send-off sparklers (who knew!).

Speaking of those sparklers — I found a neighbor who was selling some wedding stuff. She had some sparklers and display buckets, but there weren’t enough for the wedding.

I went online to order more and realized they had bigger ones that lasted longer.

Of course, my mind says, “Well, I bet the bigger ones are better, and they are not much difference in price or size.”

When the box arrived, I realized they are a LOT bigger!

My husband Rusty said, “Well, Haley, the ones you had are 20 inches long, and the ones you got are 36 inches long, and that is almost double.”

The moral of the story is we need a bigger bucket!

Planning the wedding has kept us busy, but I vowed in the beginning not to stress and to enjoy the season we are in. I am thankful to God that we are able to provide a nice wedding for our daughter, and I know it will be perfect.

EDITOR’S NOTE — TAB’s client coordinator Haley Piersol has been preparing in recent months for her daughter Lyndsee’s wedding April 18.