Giving through Cooperative Program climbs higher in February

Giving through Cooperative Program climbs higher in February

Following a strong first quarter and a near record-setting January, giving through the national Cooperative Program Allocation Budget in February showed no signs of slowing as giving totals moved to more than 13% above budget for the fiscal year. Giving to Southern Baptist missions offerings also is at record levels through the first five months of the fiscal year.

“The generous giving through the Cooperative Program in February is a direct reflection of the hearts of Southern Baptist churches,” SBC Executive Committee interim president Willie McLaurin said in a statement. “I am incredibly thankful for the steady and soaring giving of resources to advance the gospel to the nations and the neighborhoods. Every dollar given is distributed to Great Commission partners who are in turn sharing the good news to the whole world.”

The amount given through the Cooperative Program in February 2022 totaled $18,700,369.71, which was $3,225,104.79 (20.84%) more than the $15,475,264.92 received in February 2021 and $2,867,036.37 (18.11%) more than the monthly budgeted amount of $15,833,333.34.

Total gifts through February

As of Feb. 28, gifts received by the EC for distribution through the CP Allocation Budget total $89,879,186.88. This is $9,599,833.74 or 11.96% more than last year’s budget contribution of $80,279,353.14. The amount given is ahead of the $79,166,666.70 year-to-date budgeted projection to support Southern Baptist ministries globally and across North America by $10,712,520.18 or 13.53%.

Designated gifts received in February amounted to $54,169,207.80. This total was $5,787,183.53, or 11.96%, more than gifts of $48,382,024.27 received last February. Also, this year’s designated gifts through the first four months of the fiscal year amount to $94,591,476.65, which is $9,491,067.62 or 11.15% more than the $85,100,409.03 given through same period in the previous fiscal year.

CP allocation budget gifts received by the Executive Committee are reported monthly to the executives of the entities of the convention, to the state convention offices, to the state Baptist papers and are posted online at

Reprinted from Baptist Press (, news service of the Southern Baptist Convention.