Letter to the editor — ‘Baby’s right to life’

On Jan. 22, 1973, the Supreme Court, by a vote of 7–2, issued a ruling in Roe v. Wade, that legalized the abortion of babies. Since that date more than 60 million babies have been aborted in this country, an average of more than 1 million per year.

The ruling was issued by seven justices who were appointed by a president and confirmed by senators, all elected by us.

Since 1973 seven presidents and numerous senators have been elected or reelected without any serious effort to reverse this barbaric ruling.

To the contrary, abortion has become so acceptable that it is now a major part of a political party’s platform, relabeled as a “woman’s right to choose,” with no consideration for the baby’s right to life guaranteed by our Constitution.

In his endorsement of Tom Minnery’s book, “Why You Cannot Stay Silent,” Dr. James Dobson wrote: “One of the tragedies of our time has been the silence of many Christians, some of them in positions of national leadership, while the culture slides progressively into moral decay.”

I doubt many would argue these words are not truer today than when printed a few years ago.

Wayne Parker
Pike Road, Ala.

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