Letter to the editor — Social justice

After reading the editorial “Detraction or Demonstration” in the Oct. 4 issue of The Alabama Baptist I had to wonder whether the editorial was designed to detract or distort.

John MacArthur, with the help of more than a dozen others, penned “The Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel,” which outlines grave concerns with the social justice movement. None of them addresses Sav-A-Life, thrift stores or food ministries, all of which are all models of Christian involvement and service.

Space will not allow me to print the 14 affirmations and denials, but it would serve all Baptists and concerned Christians well to visit statementonsocialjustice.com and read the statement for themselves. There are tares among the wheat. There are wolves among the flock. There are false teachers and there are those who are creating distractions and deceptions under the guise of social justice. And it is not John MacArthur.

Perry Green
Troy, Ala.

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