McCalla’s Hepzibah Baptist enjoying new digital newsletter

McCalla’s Hepzibah Baptist enjoying new digital newsletter

It’s a work in progress but Terry Lolley says he likes the way Flowpaper has worked for his church’s digital magazine so far.

“We’ve only done two of them using Flowpaper, but the feedback has been really positive,” said Lolley, executive pastor of Hepzibah Baptist Church, McCalla, in Pleasant Grove Baptist Association. “Everyone’s enjoyed the look.”

Simple tool

Flowpaper is a digital tool that allows churches to make their magazine or newsletter available online without requiring a special app for it. It takes PDF files, compiles them into a flipbook format and enhances them with links to websites or videos.

Lolley said Flowpaper’s simplicity and features were appealing to him as he tried out several different publishing tools. 

“For instance, in one of our issues we were able to embed a funny Father’s Day video for them to watch,” he said.

Flowpaper’s ability to work across platforms was a big selling point for him too.

“There are a lot of issues with just using email — some people don’t check their email often, and there can be problems with spam filters. And not everybody has Facebook,” he said. “This way they can access it right on the screen through whatever medium they are already using — email, Facebook or through our website. And they can get to it from their phone, tablet or computer.”

To take a look at Hepzibah’s newsletter visit For more information about Flowpaper visit (Grace Thornton)