McIntosh celebrates 15 years as executive director of Alabama WMU

McIntosh celebrates 15 years as executive director of Alabama WMU

Candace McIntosh said it seems like it was just yesterday that she was asked to step into the role of executive director of Alabama Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU) in 2003. She didn’t take it lightly. And she knew that it wouldn’t be about her — it would be about God and what He’s doing through Alabama WMU.

“The one thing that has resonated in my heart is the word ‘expectancy,’” she said. “With each new adventure the Lord places before us I live with a holy expectancy to see what He will do.”

During the past 15 years she’s seen God do amazing things over and over. “With each event, ministry project and operational change in the office, I am often left in awe seeing how He moves,” McIntosh said.

Alabama WMU has a rich history, she said, yet it remains relevant in the lives of state Baptists today. Throughout the years it has picked up major projects to help relieve poverty, provide restorative justice, stop human exploitation, help those suffering from PTSD and aid refugees. It has worked hard to help women in need find employment through Christian Women’s Job Corps (CWJC).

“Through the CWJC ministry women not only come to know the Lord but the whole spiritual dynamic of the family is changed as the mom begins to lead with a biblical worldview,” McIntosh said.

It’s one of many ministries run by Alabama WMU’s “resilient, resourceful and responsive” members, she said. “I love watching God work through the members of Alabama WMU. It is His mission living out in their hearts that keeps us moving forward.” (Grace Thornton)