Mickey Bell to perform at StarDome in Birmingham

Comedian Mickey Bell — also an Alabama Baptist pastor — will be performing Aug. 24 at the StarDome comedy club in Birmingham.

The performance will be a live taping for an upcoming comedy special, Bell’s first.

Bell, who serves as pastor of Grace Church Bessemer, has been doing comedy on the side for a few years now.

He performs at churches and events around the country, and in December 2019 he warmed up the audience prior to a taping of Huckabee, the weekly television show hosted by former Arkansas governor and longtime TV personality Mike Huckabee.

In early July, CCM Magazine hosted the premiere of the lyric video of Bell’s song, “One Pound at a Time.” He wrote the song as a humorous tune for people looking for motivation to lose weight.

The StarDome performance is part of his “One Pound at a Time” tour.

“As a comic, you always work and dream of being noticed for your work. Being able to perform at the StarDome comedy club is very simply a dream come true,” Bell said. “Living in central Alabama, I have seen so many of my comic heroes entertain thousands there. It’s very exciting and thrilling that on August 24, 2021, I get to stand in that very spot and showcase my talents.”

Bell has a unique brand of uplifting, hysterical, clean comedic takes on everyday life — and his sometimes troubled past experiences. His personal story is one of restoration and getting a second chance. He shares about his struggle with depression and uses his downfall to encourage and lift others up.

For tickets and more information, visit stardome.com/events/mickey-bell.

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