Muslim Fulani herdsmen kill 20 Christians

Muslim Fulani herdsmen kill 20 Christians

ANCHA, Nigeria — Muslim Fulani herdsmen in central Nigeria massacred 20 Christians, including children, in the wee morning hours of Sept. 8.

Police reportedly said the attack was an act of vengeance for the beheading of a Fulani boy in a different village.

But a village Christian said the area’s terrified residents were at a loss to explain why they were targeted.

“The village where they claim one of them was killed over a year ago is not part of our village, and we have never had any misunderstanding with them in the past,” said John Bulus, church secretary of Salama Baptist Church-Ancha.

Awoken by the sound of gunshots, Bulus quickly went outside to see who was shooting. He said he saw three people standing with guns in their hands and that he stood quietly watching them until they shot at him, nearly hitting him before he ran back into his house. The shooting lasted 25 minutes, Bulus said. Nine of the 20 Christians killed were children, ranging in age from 3 months to 17 years old. (MS)