My Rashionale: Better management of ourselves allows God to use us more

My Rashionale: Better management of ourselves allows God to use us more

Found yourself or someone you know ruminating lately? Has the consistent agonizing led to negative emotions and a feeling of spiraling out of control?

If the answer is yes, then that may mean you or your friend also would answer yes to a feeling of paralysis when it comes to daily activities.  

While we all experience life pressures, some days are more intense that others. How we choose to handle those pressures will determine how resilient we are as we attempt to survive and thrive in this crazy world. 

When I’m feeling overwhelmed I clean, organize and pray — not necessarily in the same order each time. I also run to God’s word to feed my soul and rediscover my center, my strength and my purpose.

The cleaning and organizing part helps put a bit of order and calm back into my day which in turns gives me energy to tackle the harder assignments.

The prayer time typically takes time and effort. It is an intense pouring out of my heart, sharing with God all the messy emotions that sometimes surface. Deep breaths and intentionally quieting my surroundings and my mind also help. 

From there I can leave my frustrations and exasperations with Him. I can let go of the situation that has me tempted to talk repeatedly about it, venting to anyone who will listen.

And when it comes to being overwhelmed because of a long to-do list that seems impossible to accomplish I’m learning how to be properly prepared rather than living in reaction mode.

Taking two to three minutes to brain dump everything I am trying to remember to do today or this week removes a lot of pressure. I make a list and highlight the items that are vital.

From there I prioritize this week’s have-to items based on what needs to be done by certain days/times. Then I attempt to focus on the first item and take it as far as I can that day.

I move to the other items on the list and do the same thing.

Another helpful routine for me is to take a quick break between each project to check email, get a snack, walk around, etc.

Once I complete that particular day’s have-to items (on those fabulous days that I actually do complete them), then I brain dump again to see if anything urgent has surfaced since the original list was made. I also spend a few minutes mapping out the days ahead.

When I’m feeling extra energetic I schedule a day and time to complete one of the projects that is weighing me down or making me feel guilty because I’ve not gotten around to it yet — you know the ones we try to ignore day after day.

While these are a few basic tips for those of us who are learning how to properly apply and involve ourselves in the various opportunities around us, we also should remember to look up from time to time. 

Lending a hand to someone besides ourselves each day keeps us from getting too self-absorbed — a natural side effect of a perpetually overwhelmed and exhausted life. God will show us who needs our help if we give Him the opportunity.