My Rashionale — Time to buckle down and research current complex topics

My Rashionale — Time to buckle down and research current complex topics

Legislation and constitutional amendments connected to the state of Alabama, resolutions and business decisions related to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) — all important topics to understand — but, wow, can they be complicated, complex and confusing.

As our reporting team dives in deep to sift through all the possible options to research, we need your help.

Help us by sharing what you would like to understand related to current legislation pending before the Alabama Senate or House of Representatives.

We’ve heard from a few who want to understand more about the Alabama Appointed Education Board Amendment (Amendment 1), which will be voted on in the March 3 referendum, and we hope to be able to provide some information on the amendment next week.

In the meantime, an option for a straight-forward explanation of Amendment 1 can be found at, which is sponsored by the Lucy Burns Institute, a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Once on the website, search for “Alabama 2020” and click on the top option that appears in the lineup or go straight to the educational outline of the amendment at

Another way to help is to let us know what topics related to the SBC we can work to better understand ourselves so we can then share resources, information and explanations from what we discover.

I can’t promise we can cover every request, but we will consider each one and then focus on the top requested topics.

For instance, several of you are asking us to provide more explanation on the 2019 SBC Resolution 9, On Critical Race Theory And Intersectionality because the topic could surface again at the upcoming SBC annual meeting in Orlando.

According to, “critical race theory is the view that race, instead of being biologically grounded and natural, is socially constructed and that race, as a socially constructed concept, functions as a means to maintain the interests of the white population that constructed it.”

The SBC resolution from 2019 on critical race theory can be found at — once on that page, use the search prompt to type in “2019” and click on the search button.

And even more vital than sharing what items you would like us to research, we need your help in three significant ways as we do the research.

First, pray for discernment for our team to know which topics to prioritize and for wisdom, energy and clarity of mind while working on the research.

Second, be supportive of our role in these cases to inform and explain, not take a side and promote. Providing straight news will allow us to focus on and share the facts so you can then decide what you think.

Third, engage in the conversation with graciousness. Certainly stand strong but also be open to learning about other views for understanding — not necessarily agreement.