My Rashionale — What are the benefits of being a believer in Jesus Christ?

My Rashionale — What are the benefits of being a believer in Jesus Christ?

Longtime writer and editor Art Toalston posed a question to a group of fellow editors recently: What are the benefits of believing, of being a Christian?

Aside from securing eternal life in heaven with Jesus, Toalston listed benefits such as an opportunity to be connected to the ultimate source of wisdom and a readily available opportunity to connect with the Creator through prayer.

Wholesomeness, which is the noble life God intended, provides another benefit and is uplifting to our soul and others as well, Toalston said.

And then there’s the benefit of supernatural perception, a deeper understanding of creation, and illumination, the ability to discern good from evil.

Perseverance, purpose, peace and joy are additional benefits as well as the unity of fellow believers and the opportunity to share in something so special with others.

“We have a marvelous faith,” Toalston said, challenging each of us to think on the things of God often, find solitude with Him and exude the peace only He can provide.

Toalston also encouraged us to continue memorizing Scripture all the days of our lives, to never stop reading, learning, memorizing the Word. And from there we need to share our stories with each other.

“Our stories nurture our relationships,” he said. “What is a nugget that might capture your story?”

Since I shared my story with you a few weeks ago, I challenge you to think about your story and practice sharing it with others. Share it with us too.

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We pray your time spent with us is calming, peaceful and fulfilling — and that it prompts you to shine for Jesus, share His love and demonstrate the amazing grace He modeled for us.

Walking this path with you is one of our greatest honors. Thank you for trusting us and committing time to spend with us. Thank you for joining the conversation.

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Think about all the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control we can model if we focus on God’s story, our stories as believers and what we can share about the benefits of following Jesus Christ.