“Blue Miracle”
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Netflix’s ‘Blue Miracle’ spotlights faith, fatherhood and second chances

Omar is a man of faith with a big heart and a strong desire to save the street kids of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

He’s also a man who puts his faith into action.

He and his wife, Becca, operate an orphanage for more than a dozen boys, teaching them right from wrong and instilling in them the traits that helped Omar survive, including hard work.

Some of the children were abandoned. Others were abused.

Unfortunately, though, Omar’s orphanage is short on funds. Without a quick infusion of cash — specifically, $117,000 — the bank will close the orphanage within a month. And those children will be sent back to the street.

Omar needs a miracle.

Perhaps a storm will help.

A hurricane hits Cabo San Lucas, flooding the orphanage and sending the rest of the community into chaos. This includes the region’s Bisbee’s Black & Blue fishing tournament, which is plagued with cancellations from international travelers and desperately needs participants.

Witnessing Omar’s financial plight, a tournament official pairs Omar’s orphanage with a has-been fisherman and enters them into the competition.

Could the Bisbee Black & Blue — the world’s richest fishing tournament — be the answer to Omar’s financial plight?

The new Netflix film “Blue Miracle” (TV-PG) recounts this unlikely tale, which is based on a true story about an orphanage, Casa Hogar, that was on the verge of closing when the unexpected happened.

The film stars Jimmy Gonzales (“Godzilla: King of the Monsters”) as Omar and Dennis Quaid (“I Can Only Imagine”) as the fisherman, Wade.

With themes involving second chances, fatherhood and prayer, “Blue Miracle” is one of the most inspiring dramas of 2021. It even has a positive message about temptation (Omar and Wade briefly consider cheating in order to win).

Thankfully, “Blue Miracle” also is family-friendly, with only a handful of instances of minor language and no sexuality or violence.

Still, parents of small children may want to be cautious due to themes of abandonment and street violence.

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