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Newsboys say they’ll tour until they’re 80: ‘We’re just getting started’

Michael Tait says he’s spent most of his life “on the road,” traveling in a bus from city to city and performing in arenas big and small.

Until last year, that is.

Tait, lead singer for the Christian band Newsboys, who got his start as a member of DC Talk, remained at home for most of 2020, unable to tour because of the COVID-19 pandemic and searching for a way to channel his energy.

“It was a bit freaky,” he told The Alabama Baptist. “I was like, ‘Will it ever be the same again?’”

Inspired during pandemic

Tait said he wrote 60-65 songs during the pandemic and picked the best ones for the Newsboys’ newest album, “Stand.” One of those songs, “Magnetic,” which features a message about God’s infinite love, has been on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart for more than a dozen weeks.

Tait and his bandmates believe it’s one of the best albums ever from the group, which launched in 1985 with Peter Furler on lead vocals. Tait, 55, became the frontman in 2009.

He said he has plans on touring until he’s at least 80 — similar to members of the Rolling Stones.

“Here we are all these years later, still doing it, and we’re not quitting — because Mick Jagger was 80 years old still doing it,” Tait said, joking about the Rolling Stones singer, who is 78 and still touring. “We’re just kids!”

In early October the Newsboys embarked on its latest tour, which will travel to cities across the U.S., including Mobile, Alabama, on Nov. 5.

Tait and his bandmates are known for their love of live performances.

“It’s everything that I am. I love it,” Tait said. “I love seeing people smile. I love serving people.

“I enjoy watching mom and dad come with Bobby and Jennifer or Lequan and Tavon and be blessed. It’s fantastic.”

‘Best life’

Drummer Duncan Phillips calls touring “the best life in the world if you’re built for it.”

“When you’re called to what you do, they say you don’t work a day in your life,” Phillips said. “I just love touring. I love what I do. I love playing drums. I love meeting people.

“You get to a venue, then you get this energy — this kind of symbiotic energy from the crowd. There’s nothing better than playing a full house, no matter if it’s 1,500 people or 15,000 people.”

The theme of the new album, Tait said, is simple: “God is still in control, and God is still good.”

Phillips also believes the band will be touring for years to come.

“We’re just getting started,” he said.

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