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Opinion: Live in truth, speak with grace

The historic Christian sexual ethic challenges today’s cultural narratives on many fronts.

You can choose to reject the Christian view, but attempting to rewrite it as though Christians have misunderstood the Bible for 2,000 years is belittling to Christians all over the world.

This does not mean Christians have always perfectly kept a biblical sexual ethic, nor does it mean Christians have grounds to mistreat anyone who rejects their view.

It does mean that practicing biblical Christianity should not be treated as inferior or invalid.

Some insist Christians need to change our beliefs about sex because Jesus commands his followers to love our neighbors or because Jesus dined with sinners.

Both are true statements about Jesus, yet He also lovingly called sinners to repentance.

Jesus’ command to love our neighbors then cannot mean that Christians must affirm all the beliefs of our neighbors.

That would be impossible, and it is not Jesus’ message.

To be clear, Christians should never act with bigotry toward anyone who rejects what the Bible teaches about sex.

In fact, Christians should love, serve and seek justice for our neighbors, even if our neighbors reject the gospel.

Yet Christians are commanded to live in accordance with our beliefs and to speak about our beliefs with grace, even lovingly calling our neighbors to turn away from sin and to follow Jesus, just as He did.

Jake Brown
Huntsville, Ala.

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