Canines for Christ

As Christians we are called to share Christ “as we go” but that doesn’t come easy for some people. Breaking down the barriers to talk with people about Jesus can be daunting, so let your dog help you. Canines for Christ, an international Christian-based animal-assisted therapy ministry, uses ordinary people and their beloved dogs to change lives.

On this week’s TAB News co-hosts Jennifer Rash and Debbie Campbell interview Chaplain Ron Leonard, vice-president of operations, about the ministry opportunities associated with Canines for Christ.

The Alabama Baptist does not publish an issue the week of July 4. The following audio digest of TAB News is comprised of an exclusive article that ran in the special issue of The Alabama Baptist published for the Southern Baptist Convention, this week’s Sunday School commentaries and a sample of editor-in chief Jennifer Rash’s editorials, which aren’t typically part of the weekly audio digest.

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