Musical Moments

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear a song one time and then immediately sit down at a piano and play it? Alabama Baptists’ well-known musician and music evangelist Frank Jones has that level of talent. In fact, one of his first memories is playing “Here Comes the Bride” after attending a wedding as a young child. He had no prior instruction beyond his natural ability to transfer what he hears to music and that’s where it all began.

On this week’s TAB News, Jones shares his story with co-hosts Jennifer Rash and Debbie Campbell and notes a few special musical moments in his life such as when he played for Billy Graham.

Following the 28-minute interview, TAB staff members and correspondents will present an audio digest of this week’s issue including news, features, Dr. Batson’s Theology 101 column and Sunday School commentaries.

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