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Reinventing Sunday Night Church

The struggle continues with what congregations should do on Sunday nights. Some offer a scaled-back church service, some offer a churchwide Bible study and some offer specific activities but not something for everyone. Others decided to do away with Sunday night services and activities altogether.

While there’s not a right or wrong option and each church family needs to decide what is best for its particular situation, the congregation at Taylor Road Baptist Church in Montgomery is settling nicely into its now three-year routine of small scale home groups meeting on Sunday nights for fellowship and sermon application. The groups are multigenerational and remain together for one year, then new groups are formed. They take the summer off.

Pastor Daniel Atkins shares with TAB News co-hosts Jennifer Rash and Debbie Campbell how it all works on this week’s episode.

Following the 30-minute interview, TAB staff members and correspondents will present an audio digest of this week’s issue including news, features, Dr. Batson’s Theology 101 column and Sunday School commentaries.

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