TAB Talks

SPECIAL: Overcoming Anxiety

Feeling anxious is a common emotion we all experience — especially right now with the increasing threat of COVID-19. Anxiety can affect people both emotionally and physically — and can be paralyzing. You might feel like you can’t breathe, or that you are having a heart attack. Maybe you can’t sleep or can’t concentrate.

Christian communicator and author Caris Snider of Cullman, Alabama, knows these feelings all too well. She shares her story of overcoming anxiety with TAB Talks co-hosts Jennifer Rash and Debbie Campbell on this week’s episode.

The conversation with Caris took place a few days before the restrictions related to COVID-19 were put into place and the original air date was scheduled for April 6. The show will be re-released on April 6, but with the current situation we decided it was important to release it early as a special episode this week.

To find out more about Snider and her book “Anxiety Elephants: A 31-Day devotional to Help Stomp Out Your Anxiety,” visit

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