TAB News Podcast

Tips for Balancing Work and Life

We all have issues in our lives and, if we’re honest, most of us try to push them aside, press on and cope the best we can. That process may work for a while but what happens if we continue to ignore the issues or pretend they don’t exist? Living too long in an unbalanced life leads to mental, physical and spiritual health issues.

Because the simple — or not so simple — issue of time management at work and home seems to be a major contributing factor to this problem, Christian counselor Romeo Penn joins TAB News co-hosts Jennifer Rash and Debbie Campbell this week to discuss some basic tips for balanced living.

Following the 28-minute interview, TAB staff members and correspondents will present an audio digest of this week’s issue including news, features, Dr. Batson’s Theology 101 column and Sunday School commentaries.

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