Powell honored for 40 years of service to Bigbee Association

Forty years ago Muriel Powell was working at her church when someone from Bigbee Baptist Association called looking for someone to fill in for their secretary. Powell was the one who answered the phone, and she said, “How about me?”

And four decades later she’s still “filling in.” The association honored her for her years of service at their annual meeting Oct. 15. She’s worked for 11 associational missionaries during that time and for many of those years it was a dual role — she also served as secretary for the Baptist Campus Ministries of the University of West Alabama (UWA).

“I enjoyed working with the students,” Powell said. “They’d come in and want me to balance their checkbook, listen to their complaints, give them advice. I’m a people person so I loved that.”

Brad Campbell, now Bigbee Associations’s director of missions, was one of those students.

“I’ve known her since I started UWA in 1986,” he said. “It’s awesome having someone who knows the role like she does. She’s the background person, the one who keeps things in order. She’s instrumental in everything we do.” (Grace Thornton)