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Rashional Thoughts: Grateful for a year of fresh forms of reader, listener engagement

Have I told you lately how much you mean to me? Have I shared how important you are to all of us at The Alabama Baptist?

Please know we never take you for granted, and we realize it’s because of you that we have the opportunity to minister and grow day after day.

Thank you, Alabama Baptists, for your support and trust.

Thank you for helping position us to be what is needed going forward as we seek to serve you with the highest of journalistic ethics and to be Christ-centered in all we say and do.

You’ve nurtured us, invested in us, encouraged us and challenged us to dig deeper.

Love and support

You’ve loved us, cared for us, supported us and shown grace to us when we’ve fallen short.

You’ve helped us spread the word about all that’s happening with TAB Media and understand the importance of subscribing and engaging with us.

And each time we reach a milestone, we know you are celebrating with us.

A wise friend and mentor shared with me recently that as long as we understand our mission and stay focused on it, the vision for where we need to go next will unfold in front of us.

As I thought about the concept, I realized we have experienced that exact scenario this year at The Alabama Baptist, most obviously with the launch of two new products.


In February, we debuted a new serial-style podcast — called Stories — where a story is told over multiple episodes.

The audio production is told in the subjects’ own voices with narration in between. Other background sounds are included to help you feel as if you are sitting right beside the person sharing the story.

Our special assignments editor Grace Thornton pitched the idea, and we all loved it.

When you listen to TAB Media’s Stories podcast, you’ll receive an added bonus of getting to hang out with Grace because she serves as the writer, interviewer and host.

About the time Grace was putting the final touches on the first episode of Stories, another full team of TAB Media staff members were diving in deep for the first issue of The Baptist Paper, which launched in May.

We like to describe it as “the best of what you remember about your state Baptist paper, only better.”

The reason for the “what you remember” phrase is because Alabama is the only state left with a weekly state Baptist paper and only one of two remaining with a printed publication of any type that provides timely news and information more than once a month.

It’s because of you that we have not only survived these nearly 179 years but also thrived — and why we have the tremendous honor of reaching out across our state lines to make sure all Baptists stay informed, inspired and connected.

Alabama Baptists will always be our primary focus, and within that ministry assignment we now get to serve all Baptists.

A little bit of this and that to keep you updated

A few housekeeping notes …

  • The TAB Media team will be on site at the Alabama Baptist State Convention annual meeting in Huntsville Nov. 14 through 17. We will be working hard to put together the Nov. 25 issue, which will provide full coverage of the meeting.
  • Your gift copy of the annual Fruitful magazine should have made it to you by now, but do let us know if you haven’t received yours yet so we can check on it. Call us at 800-803-5201.
  • While all team members had a hand in producing the magazine, Carrie McWhorter and Lauren Grim are to be commended for shepherding the project. We worked in partnership with our friends at the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions and sister entities and auxiliaries to provide this beautiful and inviting annual report.
  • A special thanks to all of you who advertised in Fruitful as well as The Alabama Baptist and our digital products this year. You make it possible for us to continue producing high quality publications and building our digital platforms.
  • Know how much all of you mean to us and keep us posted on how we can better serve you.

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