The new pool at Shocco Springs features more efficient, state of the art infrastructure.
Photo courtesy of Laurie Mullinax

Shocco pool renovation one of many changes visitors will see this summer

With staff hired and supplies stocked, Shocco is on high alert, and the jam-packed buses are rolling in. What a blessing it always is to have the privilege of serving thousands of students each summer.

We have some exciting new developments for you this year!

New pool

Last summer we became aware of extensive and irreparable damages to our pool. So we went back to the drawing board and made the decision to redesign, extend and modernize. Contractors dug out our old pool and started from scratch, replacing our old pipes and filters with a more efficient, state-of-the-art infrastructure.

We added an entirely new beach front section with zero-entry access, transforming our “L” shaped pool into a larger capacity “U” shape. Guests will enjoy the addition of two thrilling water slides, along with dump buckets and a spray bar. There are now bubbler and jet features in the walls of the pool, and nighttime swimmers will be entranced by the colored LED pool lights.

And that’s not all! We now have a brand new, larger pool deck with increased seating capacity and modernized lighting. Our old chain link fence has been replaced by a more secure, solid wall pool enclosure.

Other updates

Other updates include:

  • Our staff and volunteers built a new storage building between the lake and the pool to house extra tables for group picnics.  We will soon add a swing on the porch for our guests to enjoy.
  • Following in the footsteps of Bagley Center’s 1st and 2nd floors, our 3rd floor has received a facelift. We have replaced the carpet in all the meeting rooms and added new lighting and paint. The hallway floors have been refinished in concrete and we’ve added new updated signage. Outside the BC 300 meeting space, you will find a stylish wood plank wall, complete with Edison lights and a bench for our guests. The final touch will be a new wrap for the inside and outside of the elevator.
  • Also in Bagley Center, we have completed the improvements to the old bookstore space located to the right of the porch. This large area has been divided into two definitive rooms. The left side is a Shocco staff boardroom and the right side will be used as an overflow dining area for guests, accessible from the stairs in the back of the main dining hall.
  • The older lights on our recreation fields have been replaced with new, brighter and more efficient LED lights.
  • The renovation of Shocco Inn, originally built in 1966, is finally completed. All three floors of guest rooms have been beautifully remodeled with bunk beds and modernized bathrooms including new showers and fixtures. The common area bathrooms on the second floor have also been updated and we added a kitchenette with a coffee maker, microwave, cabinets and a refrigerator for guests to use.

The Shocco Springs board of trustees toured all the renovations and additions during their May meeting and they approved wholeheartedly. We look forward to YOUR visit so that you can experience the excitement and energy of Shocco!

EDITOR’S NOTE — This story was written by Laurie Mullinax. Learn more about Shocco Springs Baptist Conference Center at