Sipsey Association church begins Wednesday service after hiatus

Sipsey Association church begins Wednesday service after hiatus

Brannon Pinion says they started it “more or less as an experiment,” and it’s turned out to be a real blessing.

Moores Bridge Baptist Church, Elrod — the church Pinion serves as pastor — has had nothing but a Sunday morning service for many years, but they decided they wanted to try holding an evening service one Wednesday a month and just see how it went.

And what they found was — it worked.

“It’s sort of informal; we sit at the table,” Pinion said. “I usually pick a Scripture to teach, and we have some discussion. It’s not unusual for someone to interrupt with a question.”

Communal feel

There’s something appealing about that communal feel of being around the table together, he said. Sometimes they have doughnuts and sometimes a meal, but always a crowd.

They average 35 on Sunday mornings and almost 20 show up for their Wednesday night gathering.

Gary Bonner, associational missionary/director of missions for Sipsey Baptist Association, said it’s been an effective tool that’s worked well for Moores Bridge Baptist.

“It’s been years since they’d had a midweek service, and the pastor and Mrs. June (Pinion’s wife) have done a wonderful job of encouraging people to be part of it,” he said. “It shows what can be done and how ministry can still be carried out when people put forth the effort — and they really have.”

Pinion said he’s been blessed by how well it’s been received. “It’s something that we started out experimenting with, but it’s turned out to be a real stable thing for us each month.” (Grace Thornton)