State Board approves $37.5 million CP budget for 2019

State Board approves $37.5 million CP budget for 2019

Trustees of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions (SBOM) approved a $37.5 million Cooperative Program (CP) budget goal for 2019 during its Feb. 2 meeting.

It will be allocated at 50–50 percentages between ministries of the Alabama Baptist State Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.

The recommendation will go to state convention messengers for consideration and approval in November.

The budget recommendation is $500,000 more than the current year’s budget goal and $2.5 million less than the 2017 goal.

Unofficial CP receipts for 2017 came in at $37,828,886, or 94.6 percent of the budget. Overall giving totaled $65,026,460.

Expectations are that Alabama Baptists will meet the 2018 CP budget goal of $37 million. January receipts came in at $4,337,000.

“January of this year is the first time we’ve had a $4 million month since December 2015,” said Rick Lance, SBOM executive director.

“Alabama Baptists are among, if not the most, generous in the family called Southern Baptists,” he said.

SBOM trustees also approved a goal of $1.2 million for the 2019 Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering to be allocated to Alabama Woman’s Missionary Union (55 percent), disaster relief (20 percent), church planting (10 percent), partnership missions (10 percent) and church revitalization (5 percent). (TAB)