Statement against sexual assault gaining support

A statement denouncing the sexual abuse, assault, harrassment and exploitation of women had been signed by more than 100 Alabama Baptist leaders as of late November.

A group of Alabama Baptist pastors decided it is time to speak out on these issues and they are urging other pastors across the state to join them.

Daniel Atkins, pastor of Taylor Road Baptist Church, Montgomery, said, “We felt the need to speak to what is going on in our culture right now. … Any given Sunday every single one of us (pastors) have men and women in our congregations who have been victims.

“If we don’t speak to it now, then we lose our credibility to speak to it in the future,” he said. “In this current climate of all these accusations that are flying around, we as the Church must be on top of speaking out to the issues that are relevant in culture.”

In the past six months news outlets have been inundated with allegations of harassment and assault from women across the country against various high-profile subjects. These allegations have sparked a national conversation on sexual harassment and assault.

The statement can be found at (TAB)