Strengthened by the Spirit

Strengthened by the Spirit

Thank you, Alabama Baptists, for allowing me to serve you. I am grateful for this opportunity and encouraged by your faithfulness to the Great Commission.  

I pray I can encourage you through a powerful prayer for enablement from the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 3:14–21. 

Alabama Baptists, what we need in the changing times in which we live is to be strengthened daily by the Holy Spirit who provides power for our lives to bear spiritual fruit for His glory. Anything less than the spirit-filled life of the believer is less than what God desires for you. 

Paul also was compelled to worship because the love of God continued to grow in his heart and mind. The more we grow in our understanding of God’s love toward us the more we grow in our love for Him. The more we grow in our love for Him the more His love is reflected toward others — making disciples who make disciples who make disciples.

Alabama Baptists, as we are strengthened by His Spirit and as we lay hold of the love of God toward us we will be fruitful. But we have to do it God’s way. This is my prayer for us.

—Tim Cox

EDITOR’S NOTE: Tim Cox is president of the Alabama Baptist State Convention.