TAB Media digital editor Hannah Muñoz (in headphones) works with Amy Hacker, TAB Media’s creative services associate, to record The Weekly, a digest of news curated from TAB Media’s print and digital resources.
Photo by Dianna L. Cagle

TAB’s digital editor finds niche with podcasts

When Hannah Muñoz was a student intern at TAB Media, she loved working here — but she wasn’t interested at all in print journalism.

“I studied broadcast and electronic journalism at school, but I was mostly focused on video because I thought that’s what I wanted to do,” she said.

But as Muñoz studied at Samford University and learned at TAB too, her role developed into something altogether different — she now serves as digital editor, producing TAB Media Group’s three podcasts.

“Even though I didn’t want to be a writer, I loved the storytelling aspect of my work at TAB from the beginning,” Muñoz said.

And now as digital editor, she can help with that storytelling while utilizing her editing skills. It started with TAB’s first podcast, which was aimed at providing an audio version of the print publication for visually impaired Alabama Baptists.

Three listening options

Over time, the journey took her to where TAB podcasts are now — two weekly podcasts and one seasonal podcast. One of the former, The Weekly, is crafted and produced by Muñoz with that original visually impaired audience in mind, though the podcast has now become more of a digest of top news stories for a broad listening audience.

The other weekly podcast — Amplify: Conversations about life + faith — is hosted by Maggie Evans in a talk show format. The seasonal one — Stories — is a serial-style story-telling podcast hosted by Grace Thornton.

“The whole range of podcasts I listen to would fit into one of those categories, so we’ve got it covered,” Muñoz said.

And she’s enjoyed learning more about production every step of the way.

“With each new podcast we’ve added, I’ve had to learn more about how to make it better,” Muñoz said.

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