Tallassee student ministry ‘speaks life’ into community

Your past doesn’t define you! Jesus is better! God is in control!

If you’re driving around Tallassee you might see some of these signs put there to speak words of life to you and anyone who sees them.

It all started one day in September when Brandon Fomby, student pastor at First Baptist Church, Tallassee, in Elmore Baptist Association, was reading Proverbs and felt God lay a burden on his heart.

“In Proverbs 18:21 it says the tongue has the power to give life or death,” Fomby said. “I just started thinking about ways we could speak life to the people around us.”

So he got together with his student ministry team and pitched the idea of “Sign the City” — putting words of life on signs all over town. 

They loved the idea and the students did too.

Since the signs have been up Fomby said he’s gotten messages from adults in town saying things like “I saw a sign today and it said exactly what I needed to hear.”

“It’s just a simple idea,” Fomby said. “We’re just going to see where it leads.” (Grace Thornton)