Three resolutions presented, adopted at 2019 state convention annual meeting

Three resolutions were presented and adopted during the Nov. 12 afternoon session of the 2019 Alabama Baptist State Convention annual meeting. 

The number was fewer than normal, acknowledged Craig Carlisle, chair of the resolutions committee.

“I was surprised at the low number of resolutions,” Carlisle said. “I’ve served on the resolutions committee several times and this is by far the fewest number.”

The resolutions presented to and adopted by messengers addressed the value of human life, concerns about abuse and appreciation to the hosts of the annual meeting. 

In keeping with the committee’s policy, Carlisle declined to say how many resolutions were submitted but called the submissions “relevant and very helpful.”

“They were commending in nature and not politically charged which was refreshing,” Carlisle said.

As to the value of resolutions in a world where opinions can be shared immediately on social media and other online spaces, Carlisle said it is “hard to say.”

“It would be nice if we would engage in real conversations and deal with issues and work together to implement change and influence. Speaking for our committee and future resolution committees I’m sure we would all welcome this trend.”

Safer places

Messengers adopted Resolution No. 2, On Making Our Churches Safer Places, in response to the church sexual abuse crisis. The resolution affirmed that local churches should be safe from all forms of abuse and harassment and endorsed the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions’ (SBOM) partnership with MinistrySafe to make resources available to help prevent child sexual abuse. 

The resolution also emphasized the importance of caring for the victim and immediate reporting of the abuse allegations to the proper government authorities as required by mandatory reporting laws.

The resolution pointed churches to the SBOM office of LeaderCare and church health for resources related to best practices.

Two other resolutions also were adopted:

  • Resolution No. 1, On Commendation for Passage of the Human Life Protection Act, recognized past affirmations of the sanctity of human life, affirmed Alabama’s Human Life Protection Act and commended Alabama’s leaders for enacting the legislation. 
  • Resolution No. 3, On Appreciation, acknowledged the host church and association, as well as other area churches who assisted in facilitating the annual meeting.

The full text of all resolutions adopted at the 2019 annual meeting is posted at (TAB)

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