Tips on how to meet needs in your area

Tips on how to meet needs in your area

Like Keith Akins’ church (see story), your congregation may be wondering how to best help the vulnerable in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

Raleigh Sadler, executive director of Let My People Go, said it can be hard to know what to do — but he wants to help.

“Pastors are scrambling right now, and we want to help them think through what they can do in this season,” he said. “Everyone’s asking the question of how to make church virtual, but they’re also struggling because we know there are people with practical, physical needs we need to meet.”

Because of that, he’s offering something to interested pastors — free coaching to help them identify the most vulnerable populations in their area and ways to help them. Let My People Go has an assessment in place to help pastors know the needs in their community and connect them with resources to meet those needs.

For more information or to ask for coaching, email Sadler at (TAB, Baptist Press)