Tornado story sparks memory

Tornado story sparks memory

Thank you so much for sharing the story “Meteorologist James Spann recalls ‘heavy’ responsibility of destructive day,” about the April 27, 2011, tornado outbreak.

I am sure you don’t always hear back how a story you share affects your readers. I just wanted to let you know this one hit home big for me.

As director of Samaritan Inn Ministry through Montgomery Baptist Association, this day will forever be etched in my mind. God used the aftermath of these storms to teach me exactly what my job was all about.

I had accepted this position about six months earlier and truly didn’t understand the extent of my responsibilities. I didn’t get any training in the field and had kind of been moving at a snail’s pace to get familiar with my job.

I remember watching Mr. Spann and his colleagues all day long. Then our first call came on April 28, 2011, concerning a family member from Tuscaloosa. By May 3, we had over 13 families from across the U.S. needing our assistance due to a family member being injured during these storms.

I basically lived at Baptist (Medical Center) South, listening, praying and crying with these families for the next months. I knew now how God was going to teach me and help me learn what SIM was all about.

I am still in contact with many of these families and am so thankful, 10 years later, I answered God’s call to this position. (I told him no for six months). So again, thank you for sharing Mr. Spann’s story.

You never know whose life you will touch. We are so grateful for all that each of you do every day.

Debbie Jones, director
Samaritan Inn Ministry
Montgomery, Ala.