Troy church’s door-to-door efforts result in changed lives, blessings

Troy church’s door-to-door efforts result in changed lives, blessings

Parker Roberts said he’d heard before that door-to-door evangelism is dead. He’d heard it several times, in several different places. 

But he says what he’s found in the neighborhoods surrounding his small church in Troy is that it’s very much alive.

Roberts, who has served as pastor of Mount Moriah Baptist Church since March, goes out with other members of his church and knocks on doors and he says they’re seeing God change lives one person at a time.

“We try to tell people about God and invite them to church,” he said. “A few of them come and some stay and become members of this church just by us knocking on their door. 

The ones who have come here have said they have seen a visible and apparent change in their lives just by making church and God a priority.”

‘Visible’ results

Roberts said he’s heard testimony after testimony of that happening.

“One guy said he was struggling in his marriage and he doesn’t know exactly how it happened, but ever since he committed to making church a priority in his life things have been healing,” Roberts said. 

He also said people are feeling God’s provision for their physical needs.

“Nobody over here is rich, I don’t think, but people are seeing God help them pay their bills and put food on the table,” he said. “We recognize that our richness doesn’t come from our money but from God. People are trying to seek God first for the first time and He’s taking care of them. It’s been so visible here.”

It’s the first pastorate for Roberts, a student at nearby Troy University. Kenneth Baggett, director of missions for Salem-Troy Baptist Association, said Roberts has an “eager pastor’s heart.”

“He has been able to relate well to the people there and they relate well to him,” Baggett said. “He’s been instrumental in leading the evangelism effort and I think in time they will see it bear a lot of fruit. God honors our obedience.”

Roberts said they’re observing some of that fruit already — they’ve baptized several this year.

“We’re a small church. Our max capacity is probably 60 people in our sanctuary and that’s pushing it — we may have to bring out some extra chairs,” he said. 

“But we’ve seen some growth here just by knocking on doors. God’s been blessing us bountifully over here.”