Troy student sees young girls at camp in Kenya fall in love with the Word

Troy student sees young girls at camp in Kenya fall in love with the Word

Stargazing — that was what all the girls did at night after the worship service at Camp Blue Sky in Kenya. And one night while they were all staring at the sky together, Amy Lowe could tell that Yael had something on her mind.

“That week, I was working with the 10- and 11-year-old girls,” said Lowe, a student summer missionary from Troy University. “Yael had told me the first night that she didn’t want to be like her family — they were atheists. She said, ‘I really like this Christianity you’ve been telling me about.’”

And then that night under the stars, Yael told Lowe she was confused.

‘I know He’s real’

“I asked her what she was confused about, and she said, ‘Not Jesus — I know He’s real,’” Lowe said. “She just told me that she wasn’t sure how to have Him in her life.”

So Lowe told her, and she gave Yael her very first Bible.

“After that, she didn’t put it down,” Lowe said.

And the next night, when Lowe decided to tell the girls in her cabin about Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden and the creation story, Yael started saying, “Please, please, please — let me tell them.”

She had been reading in Genesis on her own.

Yael wasn’t the only camper who blew Lowe away with her love for the Bible. Another young girl, Samara, would surprise Lowe too.

“One of the first things she said to me when she arrived was, ‘I am not religious.’ I was so worried and unsure about how the week would go,” Lowe said. “That night, I had my Bible sitting in front of me and she came up and said, ‘Is that a Bible?’ I told her it was and again she told me she was not religious. I continued to read it to her anyways.”

Later Samara told her that after Lowe read the Bible to her, she realized how important it was — and she wanted one of her own.

“I got her one, and for the next day, she literally never put it down. I had to force her to sleep that night,” Lowe said.
As the week went on, Samara continued to pepper Lowe with questions about God and the Bible. Then one day, after hearing the story of Peter denying Jesus, Samara told Lowe that she was like Peter and had denied Jesus too — and now she believed in Him.

‘Deep in their hearts’

“It was just really incredible to see how the Lord changes those kids and really just gets deep in their hearts, even the kids you never expected to see that from,” Lowe said. (Grace Thornton)